Super Checkpoint Map 1.11.2

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In this game, you probably need to finish 10 levels with saving your progress by pressing the checkpoint button in every level.

Super Checkpoint Map 1.11.2 is a puzzle game, so you perhaps need to use your brain, actually those levels aren’t very hard to you. Every level got an objective that could help you to finish your level, try not to lose or be beaten! friendly game such like parkour level, maze… nothing missing it, and the levels have been tested carefully by the creator step by step and some bugs are fixed before uploading this cool game.

You need to know these rules before you play:

  • Don’t cheat!
  • Don’t open the game to LAN
  • Play it in adventure mode
  • Max players for this game: only 1
  • Avoid to die when you press the checkpoint button at the same time
  • Don’t re-upload the game to make it yours!

Some tips you may need:

  • Be smart
  • You must know what are you doing
  • Read carefully hints
  • Try to find some hidden chests!
  • Don’t drop things from your inventory especially weapons
  • When you reach level 7 try as possible you can to get food ( level 9 too )



  • + Fixed again villager dialogue in Level 8.
  • + Fixed the conversation begins from other place.
  • + Fixed all checkpoints in Level 9.
  • + Added Auto checkpoint in Level 4.
  • – Removed piston in Level 8.


  • + Improved villager talks to avoid bugs at level 9.
  • + Changed level 9 house theme.
  • + Fixed player spawn with armor.
  • + Fixed “Deaths” scoreboard.
  • – Score and exp has been set to “1”.
  • – Removed Firework at level 5, because it doesn’t work anymore.
  • – Removed “Hi” sign at level 5.




Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.11.2

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