Super Crafting Frame Mod 1.11/1.10.2/1.9.4



Super Crafting Frame Mod helps the players with repetitive crafting tasks during the game. Let’s follow us to take all the easy steps. Firstly, place the item; next, set a recipe; and finally right-click it to craft the item from your inventory or an attached chest and barrel. After completing all these steps, you will relax and spend the most interesting time ever in Minecraft.

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Mod Showcases:




  • Right-click: Crafts item
  • Sneak + Right-click: Crafts full stack
  • Left-click: Insta-breaks block
  • Sneak + Left-click: Opens gui

Super Item Frame:


Super Item Frame is a simple frame that allows you to quickly add/remove items from inventories. Basically, treating any inventory like it was a barrel.



  • Right click inserts single item into chest.
  • Double Right click inserts full stack.
  • Sneak + Right click inserts all stacks.
  • Left click ejects single item.
  • Sneak + Left click ejects full stack.
  • Sneak + Right click with fist clears item.

Super Void Frame:

Super Void Frame is a simple item frame that allows you to quickly delete items from your inventory. Basically, a glorified trash can.



  • Right click deletes single item.
  • Double Right click deletes full stack.
  • Sneak + Right Click deletes all stacks.


Minecraft Forge

Super Crafting Frame Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
supercraftingframe-1.11- Release 1.11 Nov 20, 2016
supercraftingframe-1.10.2- Release 1.10.2 Oct 10, 2016
supercraftingframe-1.10- Release 1.10 Jul 1, 2016
supercraftingframe-1.9.4- Release 1.9.4 Jul 1, 2016
supercraftingframe-1.9- Release 1.9 May 20, 2016
supercraftingframe- Release 1.7.10 Feb 12, 2015
supercraftingframe- Release 1.7.2 Jun 11, 2014

Author: EdgarAllen

Credits :

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