Have you ever walked through a Swamp Biome and thought “man why is it so empty here”? Well, I certainly have, and Swampier Swamps Mod [1.19.2] is the solution to that problem. It overhauls the world generation, adds new mechanics, and improves existing features. With this Mod you can finally turn the Swamp Biome into what it should have been.


  • Adds 13 new Frog Variants. The spawning for each variant can be edited in the according to json file. Advancements related to Frogs have been tweaked to account for the new Variants.
  • Adds 13 new Frog Lights. Also made Frog Lights a bit bouncy, like slime blocks.
  • Adds 2 new Lily Pads, big ones, and small ones. Small ones need to be harvested with Shears.
  • Added a Lily Pad growth system to make Lily Pads a renewable resource.
  • Lily Pads will now sink if you stand on them. The time it takes for this to happen can be altered in the Config.
  • Added Cattail and Swamp Vines. Cattail can be obtained by using bonemeal underwater in a Swamp Biome. Swamp Vines replace Vines in Swamps, they can grow into the water.
  • Naming a Frog “Swallow Me Waldo” turns it into a killer Frog that eats everything. This can be disabled in the config.
  • Added Swamp Gas. The Gas will be generated by Decaying Kelp (see below) and it can be found in the form of a green cloud over water. It can be harvested by using an empty bottle on it. Walking into the Gas gives you negative effects (this can be disabled). Additionally, the Cloud will explode when hit by a burning Projectile, the size of the explosion can also be altered in the Config. The gas bottles can be used to create Gas Lamps, which have a brightness range, based on Redstone input.
  • Added Decaying Kelp. It generates naturally underwater in Swamps, but can also be created by leaving Kelp Blocks underwater to decay. Decayed Kelp can be harvested and used to create Fertile Farmland.
  • Fertile Farmland is a new Farmland version on which Crops grow faster. (Growth speed multiplier and water range can be customized in the Config)
  • Added Frog Legs, yes Frogs will now drop 1-2 legs.
  • Replaced Potion of Leaping recipe and made it so it uses Frog Legs instead of Rabbit Paws. The Rabbit Paws will now create Potions of Luck. (This can be disabled in the Config)
  • Added Swamp Villages
  • Added Dragonflies, come in a few variants and sizes. (Size can be customized in the Config)
  • Replaced Swamp Tree generation and added more Plants to the Biome.
  • Added a new Tree to Swamp, the Bald Cypress. They can be planted by placing oak saplings in a 2×2 shape. (Customizable in the Config)
  • Added a variety of other decorations to the Swamp, things like Mud Puddles and Decaying Logs.
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Swampier Swamp

Decaying Kelp

Swamp Gas

Frog Variants

Bald Cypress Tree

Swamp Village

You may need:

Minecraft Forge

Fabric Modloader

Fabric API

How to install:

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