Swampier Swamps Mod [1.19.2]

Have you ever walked through a Swamp Biome and thought “man why is it so empty here”? Well, I certainly have, and Swampier Swamps Mod [1.19.2] is the solution to that problem. It overhauls the world generation, adds new mechanics, and improves existing features. With this Mod you can finally turn the Swamp Biome into … Read more

Mushroom Additions Mod [1.19.2]

Welcome to Mushroom Additions Mod [1.19.2]. This isn’t a direct port of the crystals. They have been modified to look more pretty (made more transparent). The generation mimics that of amethyst geodes, but with these crystals. You can now enjoy pretty building blocks as long as you meet its exploratory needs! Features: New Glow Mushroom … Read more

Many Flowers Mod [1.19.2, 1.18.2]

Many Flowers will transform your world! Many Flowers Mod [1.19.2, 1.18.2] adds 3 common, 4 uncommon, and 6 ore flowers! Features: Common flowers appear everywhere! Uncommon flowers: Sweet Alyssum Glowing in the dark Spawn in rivers and islands Water Hemlock Poison flower Only spawn in the swamp Oenothera Deals damage effect on touch Spawns in … Read more