Advanced Machines Mod 1.10.2 (IC2’s Addon)

Advanced Machines Mod 1.10.2 is an addon for Industrial Craft 2 Mod. A set of Induction Furnace-like machines for macerating, extracting, compressing, metal forming, recycling and washing. Just like Immibis’s version, these are plain Induction Furnace equivalents. No nerfs have been been added, but they do have 2 upgrade slots each like the Induction Furnace. … Read more

Gravitation Suite Addon (Industrial Craft 2) 1.10.2/1.7.10

Gravitation Suite Addon (Industrial Craft 2): After UFO falling near to Roswell, New Mexico, in June or July 1947 we are engaged more than 65 years in reverse engineering. There were numerous attempts to reproduce the gravitational engine of aliens, but till 2012 they were unsuccessful. And now after long years of research we represent you … Read more