Lucky Block Water Mod 1.8.9

Lucky Block Water Mod 1.8.9 is an addon for Lucky Block Mod. It has about 145 drops. Features: The addon also has structures in which there are 4 Spanish YouTube users. Structures: Waterhole Water lucky fort Water Lucky Temple Youtubers: Luh Exo Sarinha Gona89 The complement also contains natural generations. Natural gen: And with their … Read more

Lucky Block Fantasia Mod

Lucky Block Fantasia Mod adds in tons of insane drops and deadly traps. Features: Falling gem block towers from the sky! A Powerful Robotic Warrior! A bunch of beacon, nether star, dragon egg, cake, sponge, etc….that helps you in challenge games! A chest filled with multiple gem blocks with more lucky blocks! Light it up-up-up … Read more

Lucky Block Party Mod

Lucky Block Party Mod is the first color changing lucky block. There are many drops added. You need to change the gamerule commandBlockOutput to false. Command: /gamerule commandBlockOutput false. Screenshots: Party room The bedrock trap Inside The lucky tower and the new wishing well. There is a reward chest on top if you can defeat … Read more