LootBags Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.7.10


Lootbags Mod is an interesting mod including bags that drop other items. It is heavily configurable through its two config files, in which the wiki on the GitHub contains more information on using the configs. By default, the mod is configured for a total of 9 bags, 5 typical bags, and 4 “secret” bags which only spawn in certain conditions. The typical bags drop portions of the vanilla world gen loot tables with rarer bags relating to more consistent rare loot.

Lootbags Mod includes a recycler block which will consume items dropped by loot bags. Once a certain value determined by which bag the recycler is configured to create a scaling factor, it will create a new lootbag that can be pulled out by any typical modded method of removing items from an inventory. Items can similarly be pumped into the block.

Additionally, the mod includes several commands to make the mod usage easier.

  • Lootbags_itemdump will create a text file in a folder called dumps in your Minecraft instance which contains a list of every item in the general loot table as well as every item. Every bag can drop along with those item’s weights and rough drop chances.
  • Lootbags_identifysources will create a dump file which lists every loot source registered in Forge. Every loot source provides loot to the general loot table and every loot source has a bag in its list (at least from this mod) and a list of every enchantment.
  • Lootbags_pullnbt will create a dump file which holds a single whitelist entry for the currently held item, including its nbt data. The item needs to have nbt data for this to work (for now).
  • Lootbags_reloadconfig will reload both configs as well as all bags and loot tables, so that pack makers do not need to reload the game for small config changes. This command is not intended as a bypass for issues with other mods manipulating custom items or loot sources, as it is not designed to be usable indefinitely without any memory leaks.

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