Escape Map 1.10

Escape Map 1.10! Is a adventure map where you awaken in an abandoned prison stuck inside a cell… Do you have what it takes to get through various obstacles and puzzles and figure out how you got here? Map Length – 10-20 Minutes Screenshot: Map Trailer: Download Links: For Minecraft 1.10 Author: THATGUYISWILL Credits : … Read more

Save Santa Map 1.10

Save Santa Map : Save Santa! Created by thatguyiswill – is a minecraft adventure map that takes place on Christmas eve where you need to find santa! You need to figure out why he has gone missing and get him back by going through various obstacles and challenges! Map length – 10-15 minutes long Difficulty – … Read more

Invisabocks: Reloaded Map 1.10

Invisabocks: Reloaded Map Another Invisablocks! You must complete a series of parkour tests on invisible blocks. the only way to tell where they are is with the shadows they project onto the walls. Enjoy a quick map that will test your puzzle AND Parkour skillz! Features: More Levels! Easier to understand levels! Spawnpoints! Food! Screenshot: … Read more

E-Snap Map 1.10

E-Snap Map is not only a parkour map, but a semi-adventure map as well. It offers the parkour fun you want, while also incorporating a story-like structure as you progress through the map. There are a total of 5 levels, increasing in difficulty (depending on what skills you excel in) as the levels increase by … Read more

Paragidm Map 1.10

Paragidm MapParadigm is an adventure map filled with unique puzzles and challenges! You are visiting a mysterious village but soon you will find out something strange regarding it… Important Info: Unfortunately there is a bug in 16w33a where you could find yourself in a bugged state. The following could indicate you being in such a … Read more

Dual Games Map 1.10

Dual Games Map: To get into the game 2 players need to queue up for the same map using the lobby signs. W hen your in the game start collecting loot from chests and kill your opponent. If you fall into the void you will get ported back into the arena and lose some health. … Read more