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Illuminations Mod 1.14.2/1.12.2 (Fireflies for Minecraft)

Illuminations Mod 1.14.2/1.12.2 is a pretty cool mod. The main thing that Illuminations add to Minecraft is fireflies! Fireflies, also known as glowing bugs, are glowing insects. Fireflies are a fairly famous creature and in many places they are a mysterious symbol with deep meanings. Illuminations add fireflies to Minecraft for the purpose of improving […]

Adorn Mod 1.14.1 (Decorative Blocks for Minecraft)

Adorn Mod 1.14.1 is a decoration mod for Minecraft 1.14. Adorn added Minecraft various types of decorative blocks including tables, chairs, sofa, kitchen counter, drawers and chimneys! Exactly below are the mods that Adorn added to Minecraft: 16 kinds of sofa with different colors! You can sit or sleep on the sofa. Kitchen compartments are […]

Pet ‘Em Mod 1.14.1 (Pet Your Cat and Dog)

Pet ‘Em Mod 1.14.1. Hello all of you! Today I will introduce you a mod for Minecraft version 1.14.1 called Pet ‘Em. How many times have you left your puppy at home when you went Mining? Not every time you find it so lonely. You just want to cuddle it a little to cheer it […]

Beach Slimes Mod 1.14.1 (Blue Slime for Minecraft)

Beach Slimes Mod 1.14.1. As you know, in Minecraft there is a creature called Slimes. Slimes are green squares. They move by hopping. Slimes have different sizes. When you kill a large size Slimes, they will break into smaller slimes. Slimes also drops the Slimeball at death and Slimeball can be used to create Lead, […]

Fabric API Mod 1.14.1 (A Core Library for Minecraft)

Fabric API Mod 1.14.1 for Minecraft is a core library mod programmed by the Fabric (a mod loader for Minecraft) team, programmed with the purpose of supporting the launch and providing resources for other mods, so it is often exported shown in the “request” section when installing. Core mod is currently a trend with maximum […]