Controlling Mod [1.19, 1.18.2] – Search for key binds easily

Controlling Mod [1.19, 1.18.2] for Minecraft adds the ability to search for keybindings using their name in the KeyBinding menu, allows players to easily find a key binding in the menu. When installing shortcuts in Minecraft, especially if you use up to a dozen of different mods that use the same shortcuts, one of the … Read more

Reborn Core Mod [1.19.1, 1.18.2] for Minecraft

Reborn Core Mod [1.19.1, 1.18.2] has included a set of code and generic API for mods of the author in Minecraft (it is compulsory to install for using). A supporting mod, RebornCore-Mod will not have any effect when installing independently in Minecraft. Instead of that, it will help other mods to run. The mods that … Read more

Journey Map Mod [1.19.1, 1.19] – Forge / Fabric Download

Minecraft is a huge world – so don’t get lost! Have you ever fancied a neat minimap like DynmapForge but your server does not support it? Have you ever fancied a minimap on your phone while you play? This Journey Map Mod for Minecraft is exactly that! In the Mod review today, we will show … Read more

Optifine HD [1.18.2, 1.17.1] – Double FPS, Triple FPS…

Despite having a simple and sometimes ugly graphic, Minecraft still requires an average PC to run smoothly. Therefore, crashy and lagging happen very commonly lead to much unfortunate death for the player. If you’re the one who happens to face those problems, Optifine HD [1.18.2, 1.17.1] for Minecraft is the solution for you. Before owning … Read more

Xray Mod [1.18.2, 1.17.1] – Cave finder and Fly for Minecraft All versions

Hunting resources in caves abandoned mine tunnel and fortresses beneath the ground is one of the most interesting things in Minecraft. Who knows that when you mine coals or iron on the walls which will lead you to mob spawners, chests, or a dark hole leading directly to lava lake? With Xray Mod [1.18.2, 1.17.1] that features as … Read more

Minecraft Forge Mod Loader 1.18.2, 1.17.1 (API and Library)

“ Minecraft Forge Mod Loader 1.18.2, 1.18.1, 1.17.1 and 1.16.5, 1.15.2, 1.14.4, 1.12.2 … ” is a popular term shown up every time we install mods for Minecraft. So what is Minecraft Forge? It is a base mod that is used to run other mods on. As the most popular and widely-used mod loader, Minecraft Forge is always … Read more

Fabric Modloader 1.18.1, 1.17.1 (Play Your Favorite Mods in the Newest Version)

Fabric Modloader 1.18.1, 1.17.1 is a mod/core library that aims of making mod developers able to port mods from one version to another more simply. Especially for new versions of Minecraft as version 1.14. Mods using Fabric as a library don’t even need to use Forge Mod Loader, which allows players to use mods in … Read more

Fabric API Mod 1.18.1, 1.17.1 (A Core Library for Fabric Mods)

Fabric API Mod 1.18.1, 1.17.1 for Minecraft is a core library mod programmed by the Fabric (a mod loader for Minecraft) team, programmed with the purpose of supporting the launch and providing resources for other mods, so it is often exported shown in the “request” section when installing. Core mod is currently a trend with … Read more