Technical Enchant+ Mod (1.19.2) is a pseudo-mod because its original version comes from a data pack with the same name. However, it has some exclusive features.


  • Technical Enchant+ let you obtain over 52 enchantments and 5 new curses.
  • It adds its own enchanting mechanic which is fully customizable through an in-game config.
  • You can even expand its content with Addons (more enchantments) and Complements (make other modded items compatible with TE+ enchantments).


  • /function enchantplus:give/all ————-> To obtain all the enchantments and items
  • /function #enchantplus:uninstall ————-> To uninstall the data pack addons and complements
  • /function enchantplus:config ————-> To access the Main Config MENU
  • /function enchantplus:heldenchant/apply/<enchantment> ———–> To enchant the item you’re holding
  • /function enchantplus:force_conversion ———–> To convert the nearest entity into an “Enchanted mob”


Enchantig Setup Example

This is a Tier 3 enchanting setup

Main Config Menu

Used for the mod configuration, use: /function enchantplus:config

Disenchant System

Main disenchant system with the gridstone

Enchantment Examples

Custom enchantments and curses have their proper description

Enchanted Mobs

Fight against enchanted mobs to get custom enchantments or curses

Find Custom Enchantments

Get lucky and find custom enchantments in any chest loot

In-game screenshots

Examples of some enchantments in-game!!

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How to install:

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Technical Enchant+ Mod (1.19.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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