The Levitator Map 1.10.2


the-levitator-map-1-10-2-2346 The Levitator Map 1.10.2

In The Levitator Map, you will use a Levitator. A Levitator is an item that will allow you to levitate, but not forever. It only lasts three seconds before you must recharge it. You must fly up walls, dodge lava left and right, and complete tricky puzzles in this fun, yet challenging map.


the-levitator-map-1-10-2-2346-1 The Levitator Map 1.10.2
the-levitator-map-1-10-2-2346-2 The Levitator Map 1.10.2
the-levitator-map-1-10-2-2346-3 The Levitator Map 1.10.2

Let’s Play:

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For Minecraft 1.10.x

Author: TheFloatingAnvil

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