Tinker’s Stuff Command Block for Minecraft 1.10.2

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Tinker’s Stuff Command Block will create simple, new and extremely useful tools. They are magic hammers and magnet toys. I bet you will like it.

Tinker's Stuff Command Block Logo

The first thing to run the command block is you have to install the command block in a code order from the following files (the download link at the end of the article):

  • 1. All kind of custom crafter.
  • 2. Hammer.
  • 3. Magnet.

NOTE: Be sure to select Always Active.

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 1

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 2

To create a custom crafter, you put a Dropper then entering the following recipe:

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 3

Then drop a crafting table on the top, a custom crafter will be appear:

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 4

To make raw materials for tools of command block, we need to create tinker’s dust by the following recipes:
Tinker's Stuff Command Block 5

100 dust

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 6

1000 dust

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 7

After getting the items called tinker’s dust, you hold in your hands and press F to refuel.

Tinker’s Magic Magnet:

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 9

Magic Magnet Crafting Recipe:

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 8

Use to vacuum items laying underground. It will activate by pressing Shift and then right-click.

Tinker’s Magic Hammer Crafting Recipe:

Firstly, change custom crafter into a tool forge (3 nether brick, 4 iron block):

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 10

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 11

Custom crafter will look like this.

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 12

Magic Hammer recipe

The hammer will work with tinker dust, the consumption of dust will deduct to the amount of dust you accumulate. When using, the hammer will dig a very wide range. Therefore, the more blocks you dig, the more dust you waste. If it is out of dust, the hammer would be like a normal pickaxe. The hammer can be made of many materials such as stone,…

Tinker's Stuff Command Block 13

This command block is created by a talent Viet Nam’s minecrafter, LQV.

You can see How to use Command Block for Minecraft tutorial.

Download links for Tinker’s Stuff Command Block

Download > Command Block cho All kind of custom crafter (You must run this command first)

Download > Command Block cho Magic Magnet (by LQV)

Tinker’s Stuff Command Block for Minecraft 1.10.2 is a block in the Minecraft game. It is capable of running a command chain of command sequences in the data library by many different ways. The most commonly usage is by redstone. Command Blocks always have all powers to allow a certain object cannot use a command of certain pre-installation in the game (For example: It allows that object receives a fixed item without the need for all people to use the command “/give” to get whatever they want). You cannot either get Command Block in Creative Mode or manufacture in Survival Mode, you can only get Command Block by using command “/give” after you have turned on Cheat Mode. Used particularly in building several large-scale Adventure Maps and creating new functions to change the gaming experience like mod or the use of the Multiplayer server, the day Command Blocks has appeared in Minecraft will mark a new page of Minecraft history.

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