Trails and Tales + Mod (1.20.1, 1.20) is a plugin designed to bring more depth and creativity to the Minecraft universe. It offers players the ability to customize their trails, leaving a visual mark as they journey through different biomes and landscapes. Moreover, the mod allows players to write and share their stories in-game, creating an immersive storytelling experience for themselves and others.


  • 5 New Armor Trims
  • Shaft – Found in Mineshaft Chests – Duplication Block is Oak Planks
  • Golem – Found in village blacksmiths – Duplication Block is Oak Planks
  • Cold – Found in Igloo basements – Duplication Block is Snow Block
  • Lost – Found in Digsite Chests – Duplication Block is Dirt Block
  • Rune – Found in Ruined Portal Chests – Duplication Block is Netherrack
  • Digsite Stucture
  • Spawns in most biomes with tress, the Fences will change depending on the tree type
  • you can find sus gravel and sus dirt at these structures
  • custom loot tables with better items
  • Bloomed Torchflower / Bloomed Torchflower Seeds
  • New seeds you can get from the Sniffer Digging
  • When planted the bloomed torchflower seeds will grow into a bloomed torchflower
  • bloomed torchflower will give a light level of 15 when placed down
  • Colour Petals
  • Comes in 15 dye types – the 16th is pink petals
  • you can obtain them by putting any petal colour in a crafting table with the dye type
  • They work the same as Minecraft Pink Petals just different colours
  • Pitcher Slab
  • Can be crafted with 8 Bamboo slabs and 1 Pitcher Pod for 8 Pitcher Slabs
  • They are just decoration and don’t have any use
  • Fennec Fox
  • Fennec fox will spawn in the desert biome
  • Fennec foxes have pointier ears and will attack rabbits / chicken that go near
  • They will also sleep at day and hunt at night
  • They will also drop fennec fur, you can put 2 in a crafting table to get 1 leather
  • Piglin Head
  • You can now find 1 piglin head spawn in the piglin bastions
  • The only structure that won’t spawn a piglin head is the Housing Unit
  • Wandering Trader
  • Wandering traders will now spawn with 2 camels if the location is inside of a desert biome
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The Trails and Tales+ Mod introduces several commands that enable players to customize their trails and access storytelling features. These commands can vary depending on the version of the mod being used.

  • /trail set <effect>: Sets the trail effect for the player’s character.
  • /trail color <color>: Sets the color of the player’s trail.
  • /tale create <title>: Opens the interface for players to write and create their tales.
  • /tale read <tale>: Allows players to read a specific tale written by themselves or others.


The mod may require specific permissions to access certain features or commands, especially in multiplayer or server environments. Server administrators can set permissions using plugin management tools to control access to Trails and Tales+ Mod features.

  • trailsandtales.use: Allows a player to use the trail customization commands.
  • trailsandtales.create: Allows a player to create and share tales within the game.


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