Vic’s Modern Warfare Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

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The Modern Warfare Mod offers a wide selection of different 3D modeled guns, and the selection will be wider in the future! It also offers a small but growing selection of 3D modeled armors!

Ever get tired of the classic diamond sword and classic diamond gear? Ever want to be more satisfying? This mod offers a wider arsenal at your disposal! Craft the guns, add attachments! Shoot mobs! Shoot players! Play with your friends! Do a little minigame if you like! The point is to have fun with the expanded arsenal filled with these 3D modeled guns!

Mod tutorial:

Attachment mode

Press ‘M’ to enter attachment mode.

To add attachments, you must have the attachments in your inventory. Further instructions will be displayed on screen of your game. Press the ‘UP’ arrow key to change sights/scopes. Press the ‘DOWN’ arrow key to add grips/laser attachments (press L to toggle laser on/off when equipped). Press the ‘LEFT’ arrow key to add a silencer that fits the gun’s caliber (displayed under gun in inventory). And press the ‘RIGHT’ arrow key to change the gun skin. Keep in mind that not every gun takes the same skins.

Selective fire

Press ‘RIGHT SHIFT’ to change the firemode of the weapon.


Certain optics have special effects. Press ‘I’ to zoom in, and ‘O’ to zoom out.


Press ‘R’ to load the gun with the proper magazine in your inventory. Press ‘R’ to unload a magazine currently loaded into the gun. To refill a magazine, hold it in your hand and press ‘R’ with the correct rounds (bullets) in your inventory. Each magazine name will display the amount of ammo it holds first, then the type of bullet it requires.

Plans for the future:

  • Melee weapons (knifes and such)
  • Light and heavy attacks for melee weapons
  • Bleeding out
  • Blood effects
  • Medical supplies
  • Guns jamming
  • Guns overheating
  • You can go deaf
  • Earbuds for hearing protection
  • Mountable guns
  • The ability to change the parts of the gun itself
  • Dynamic inaccuracy
  • Grenades
  • Guns from games/movies/series
  • Drones
  • Live feed/monitoring other players through their perspectives
  • Special effects for non-optical sights (EOTECH, reflex, etc.)
  • Special nightvision effect (including a nightvision scope)
  • Backpacks (potentially)
  • Vests (Maybe)
  • Special equipment (For breaching, tacticalism)
  • More barrel attachments
  • More skins
  • More armor sets
  • MANY MANY MANY MANY more guns




Minecraft Forge

Vic’s Modern Warfare Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Modern Warfare 1.8 mc1.10.2 Release 1.10.2 Mar 15, 2017
Modern Warfare 1.8 mc1.9.4 Release 1.9.4 Mar 15, 2017
Modern Warfare 1.8 mc1.8.9 Release 1.8.9 Mar 15, 2017
Modern Warfare 1.8 mc1.7.10 Release 1.7.10 Mar 15, 2017

Author: Vic4Games

Credits :

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