Warp Drive Mod 1.7.10

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This mod brings Warp Drive and similar Science fiction technologies to minecraft included but not limited to resource collection (mining asteroids in space), transportation (move your team or your whole base across dimensions), and combat (fight against other ships and bases with laser cannons or other mods).

Warp Drive Mod

In Warp Drive Mod, you are able to craft your own spaceship from any available blocks (except bedrock) and drive it into space to discover the space dimension: asteroids (filled with ores), asteroid fields, gas clouds, planetoids, stars, and NPC-ships as well as jumping to hyperspace for long-range traveling.

And the special part. You will set up laser canon on your ship to conquer and destroy the spaceship of other players or craft a mining laser to collect valuable resources on Earth or in space depending on your wish. Cloak your ship, base or a space station from your enemies.


  • Create your own space ship from any blocks (excluding bedrock) and sail it through space.
  • Explore the space dimension: asteroids fields filled with ores, gas clouds, planetoids, stars, and NPC ships.
  • Jump to hyperspace for quick, long-range traveling!
  • Build laser cannons on your ship to fight, mine and win!
  • Surround an area with powerful force fields to protect from your ennemies!
  • Cloak your ship, base or a space station so that enemy have no clue where you are!
  • Provide energy to your ship and its components with an Enantiomorphic reactor

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Minecraft Forge

Warp Drive Mod Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

Author: LemADEC, TheNumenorean

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