Way To Tame A Polar Bear Map 1.10.2

Way To Tame A Polar Bear Map : It’s Christmas time! You wake up one happy morning, ready to face the day… you feed your dog, Rudolf, and admire the Christmas decorations. Suddenly, you hear a noise coming from the fireplace! Can it really be? Santa is visiting your house… ?

No, not really. It’s just ole Dr. Roberto. (Since when did he start teleporting into chimneys?) Apparently, Dr. Roberto has won himself a brand-new pet at the mad scientist fair! It’s up to you to help him figure out how in the world you tame a polar bear…


  • 15-25 minutes of gameplay!
  • A ton of action, ranging from droppers to fighting killer drones!
  • You get to feed a polar bear mouldy cheese! (some advice for you: never do that in real life, like, EVER.) — You also get to ride on a polar bear, just like the Eskimos! (according to Dr. Roberto, anyway.)


  • 1) Don’t play this map in survival mode, otherwise the commands won’t work.
  • 2) Do NOT click tellraw messages twice, otherwise the map is going to break.
  • 3) Remember, you MUST play this map in MC v1.10.2, otherwise the commands won’t work…



Map Trailer:

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For Minecraft 1.10.2


Credits : mod-minecraft.net

5/5 - (19 votes)

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