Wearable Backpacks Mod 1.10.2

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Wearable-Backpacks Wearable Backpacks Mod 1.10.2

Wearable Backpacks is a minecraft mod which adds backpacks. It continues the legacy of BetterStorage‘s backpacks, and brings with it a beautifully designed and balanced alternative backpack option unlike any other!

What’s so great?

  • There can be only one!
    Where other mods store the contents of a backpack on the item itself, WB doesn’t. When a backpack is equipped, its contents are actually kept with the player itself. This also means it’s impossible to carry around multiple backpacks that contain items.

Wearable-Backpacks-1 Wearable Backpacks Mod 1.10.2

  • Armor up, or storage up?
    With the default settings, backpacks will function as armor, taking up the chest armor equipment slot, protecting from as well as taking damage just like leather armor. This way, you have to choose between more protection or more storage. This is fully configurable, though, in case you don’t like it.
  • Play with friends, share backpacks!
    Having a backpack on your back looks cool and all, but if only you could do something with that beauty. Well, lucky you! Other players (hopefully, without ill intentions) can open your backpack and borrow a pick and some torches on a mining trip. This only works as long as your back is facing towards them, though.

Wearable-Backpacks-2 Wearable Backpacks Mod 1.10.2

  • Dying is FUN!
    Sick of losing all your valuables when you make a small little misstep into the nearest pool of lava? Don’t worry, the items inside your backpack will be… mostly safe. While the backpack itself is not immune to explosions or being broken by other players, after death it will gently place itself down near your point of failure, ready to be retrieved.
  • Dyeing is fun~!
    Backpacks can be colored using Minecraft’s fantastic dyeing system. Unlike some silly mods that only allow the 16 base colors, with our pretties you can mix and match your dyes to customize them in any way you like!

Wearable-Backpacks-3 Wearable Backpacks Mod 1.10.2

  • Configuration Nation
    One aim of WB is to be incredibly configurable, allowing backpacks to be balanced, whether they’re used in a personal hand-picked pack, a huge kitchen sink modpack or a deadly hardcore-massacre-of-doom experience with sprinkles on top.


Think of Wearable Backpacks backpacks as portable, wearable chests. After you’ve crafted one, simply place it on the ground and fill it with whatever you’d like to take with you. Next, sneak and break the backpack to equip it. You’ll notice that equipping is faster than breaking.

Now that the backpack is where it belongs (your back), you can unequip it again by sneaking and right-clicking the ground with an empty hand (specifically, the top of a solid block).

Crafting Recipe

  • 7x Leather
  • 1x Gold Ingot
  • 1x Wool

Wearable-Backpacks-4 Wearable Backpacks Mod 1.10.2


Minecraft Forge

Wearable Backpacks Mod Download Links:

File NameStatusGame VersionDate
Wearable Backpacks – 1.10.2 – 1.3.0Release1.10.2Jan 20, 2017

Author: buildcraftchildsplay, PuppetzMedia

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