Wulfenite Mod 1.11/1.8


Wulfenite Wulfenite Mod 1.11/1.8

Wulfenite Mod adds 5 new ores and new materials. Wulfenite, Molybdenum, Ruby, Amethyst, Pyrite, and Diamonite. Each item can be crafted into armor and tools (with the exception of a few) and all tools/armor are enchantable.



Wulfenite is a brittle, orange gemstone with very high reflectivity. It’s so reflective, that you can see it shine in a cave! This gem can be crafted into a Gemstone Block which also shines and emits small amounts of light. It’s too brittle to be made into tools and armor, however it sits proudly in the middle of a crown!


Ruby is a very strong gemstone, with higher density than diamond. However, it fails in comparison to a certain gemstone combination… This is the best gem to use against the creatures of the night as the tools and armor are some of the strongest in Minecraft! Put on this armor for a luxurious, shiny red armor set that doesn’t sacrifice in durability and in strength.


Molybdenum. No, that’s not a fancy type of denim, it’s a type of metal alloy used in creation of industrial metal tools. This is slightly stronger than normal iron and can be crafted into tools and armor. This ore is a… well ore in Wulfenite and can be extracted from the gemstone to make Molybdenum shards which can be smelted together into ingots!


Amethyst is a strong gemstone, stronger than Diamond but not Ruby! It can be made only into armor though…

PYRITE ORE (Fool’s Gold)

Pyrite or in Layman’s terms: Fool’s Gold, is a brittle metal that can’t be made into tools and armor, however it can be made into food. Whether or not it is worth eating is up to you…

DIAMONITE (Combination between Wulfenite and Diamond)

Diamonite is the strongest resource in the mod. All you have to do is somehow breakup diamond and combine it with wulfenite. It can make tools and armor!


All crafting recipes for tools, armor, and material blocks are the same, just with the new material inside of it. If you really don’t know, use a mod called Just Enough Items.


Wulfenite-1 Wulfenite Mod 1.11/1.8


Minecraft Forge

Wulfenite Mod Download Links:

File NameStatusGame VersionDate
Wulfenite Mod v0.4Release1.11Nov 25, 2016
Wulfenite Mod [1.8] – V0.3Release1.8Nov 22, 2015

Author: Xenocorpse

Credits : mod-minecraft.net

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