Youtubers+ Mod 1.10.2/1.8/1.7.10



Youtubers+ Mod introduces Minecraft players about youtubers and other people. This mod also adds biomes, epic weapons, blocks, & mobs based on TheDiamondMinecart, Skydoesminecraft, Popularmmos, Sethbling, & CaptainSparklez. I think you like this mod.




















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The Youtubers are Naturally aggressive to hostile mobs so will work in mob battles

The youtubers can be tamed with money.  the chance of success is affected by the amount.

  • 1 million $=100%
  • 500 thousand $ = 50%
  • 100 thousand $ = 10%

You can then have your tamed youtuber sit/stand by clicking on them with any amount of money

The youtubers will put on any armor and use any tool/weapon that you click them with(non-vanila weapons and armors may not render but the attack damage/protection of the items are still used)

to get them to drop the tool/weapon/armor just click them with another tool/weapon/armor of similar type


  • Players are similar to Youtubers but spawn naturally, once a youtuber is dead you will have to travel to a new area to find another
  • Players are not as strong as youtubers
  • Players are cheaper to tame taking 10,000$ instead of 1,000,000$ for a 100% tame rate
  • For player skins to work use the dynamically generated texture pack “YoutuberSkins”
  • When Tamed use a nametag to turn them into whomever you want.


The player can trade with the Youtubers for items related to that Youtubers videos for example
ZexyZek trolled somone with “Red Water” so you can trade him for “Red Water”(renamed Lava bucket)
Sethbling and Mr.Mumbo do redstone videoes so they trade redstone items

Bodil40 Prank Kits work the same as tnt minecarts but place between 4 and 128 TNT Minecarts added for Bodil40 to easily set up the exploding minecart prank.  one X128 kit launched my character 4510 blocks up.  to SPAAAAAACCCEEEE!!

the Bulgarian JetPack is obtainable by trading Bodil40 for it.  Crouch to fly up Warning: does not negate fall damage

The Diamond Minecart is obtainable by trading DanTDM for it, it travels a bit faster and considerably farther than a normal minecart

the Map destroying TNT is available to trade from FuriousDestroyer


Speadas Key:

  • First version crafted by sugar surounded by gold blocks
  • gives speed 2 as long as it is held
  • advanced version crafted by nether star surounded by notch apples
  • gives Regeneration 3, resistance, fire resistance, speed 21 and hunger 11 as long as it is held


/PSpawn *name* and /PlayerSpawn *name* comands spawns a player with a name of name

/Lonely   Spawns a random Youtuber and several Players at the command senders location


The Bank acts as a second enderchest but has the added bonus of Bank Cards.  Bank Cards allow the player holding it to transfer money from their inventory to the bank With a right click.  each material upgrade raises the max deposit.  redstone and above will auto craft the money to optimize the space within the bank.


  • represent Lucky Blocks
  • look just like chickens
  • breed able with diamonds
  • comes in 25 varieties 5 strength levels and 5 luck levels
  • spawn naturally
  • spawn eggs available for trade by Bodil40, TheCodyMaverick,  Joebuz, FuriousDestroyer and SuperGirlyGamer.


Jail Break

  • Ssundee

PopularMMo’s Mob Arena

  • FuriousDestroyer and SuperGirlyGamer

Dr.Trayourus’ Lab

  • DanTDM and Trayarous with xXJemmaXx near By

Mumbo’s Jungle Base

  • MrMumbo

Tree of Epic Preportions

  • FuriousDestroyer and SuperGirlyGamer

Kralis Fried Chicken

  • Keralis1

Melon house

  • Bashurverse

Xisuma’s WasteLands

  • Xisuma

Tobuscus Tower

  • Tobuscus


  • TrueMU

Big Tree

  • MonkeyFarm

Butter Castle

  • SkyTheKidRS

Potato house

  • pwnagepotato
  • MunchingBrotato

Snowy Mountain

  • ibaki

Atlaticraft’s Luckey Boss Arena

  • TheCodyMaverick and Joebuz

Mojang Office

  • Notch
  • Dinnerbone
  • jeb_
  • Grumm

the Hole Jen is always in

  • SuperGirlyGamer near to FuriousDestroyer

Dwarf’s DiggyHole

  • Honeydew

Ice Castle

  • SubZeroExtabyte

TNT Castle

  • ExplodingTNT

Markiplr’s Drunk Minecraft house

  • Markiplier and LordMinion777 and muyskerm


  • nobody inside found near SuperGirlyGamer and FuriousDestroyer

Crundee SkyFactory

  • MrCrainer and Ssundee

Stampy’s House

  • StampyLongNose


  • IBalisticSquid

Jen’s House

  • FuriousDestroyer and SuperGirlyGamer

Floating Castle

  • FuriousDestroyer and SuperGirlyGamer
  • Ssundee

supercat765’s Maze Mod Maze

  • supercat765

Mr.Crainer’s Crazy Craft Castle

  • MrCrainer

Diamond Minecart Factory

  • Does not spawn naturally

Default House

  • Everyone without a special structure

Current Youtubers:


  • Biffa2001
  • Keralis1     Spawns in KFC     Drops Keralis Fried Chicken
  • KingDaddyDMAC
  • Monkeyfarm     Spawns in Big Tree
  • MrMumbo      Spawns in JungleBase     Drops Vines
  • King_Happy
  • ZombieCleo
  • Xisuma     Spawns in wasetlands
  • FalseSymmetry
  • TangoTek
  • ImpulseSV

Hermitcraft And Mindcrack

  • docm77


  • BdoubleO100
  • EthosLab
  • Guude
  • PauseUnpause
  • Sethbling
  • Vechs
  • Nebris
  • VintageBeef
  • kurtmac
  • Genericb


  • SkyTheKidRS     Other Types:Pixelmon      Spawns in Butter Castle     Drops Butter   Renames Gold to Butter,Bodil40 to Boatdil40, squid to DEMONSPAWN
  • Bashurverse     spawns in Melon House      Drops Melon
  • Gizzy14Gazza
  • MunchingBrotato      SubTypes:Fox,GrumpyCat,Dino      Spawns in Potato house
  • TrueMU      Spawns in Rocket
  • HuskyMudKipz      Drops raw Fish   Runs from Pixlemon Sky and KingDaddyDmac

#Crundee and TeamCrafted

  • Ssundee     Other Types:Derp     Spawns in JailBreak and Floating castle and Sky Factory(with MrCrainer)     Drops  (Derp) 516 items renamed so they will not stack including dirt, sand, torch, wooden bowl, carrot on a stick, boat, Mobspawner, sticks, etc.
  • MrCrainer     spawns in Crainers Castle and Sky Factory(with Ssundee)


  • Xephos
  • Honeydew         spawns in DiggyHole
  • Sjin
  • LividCoffee
  • Sips_
  • Lomadia
  • InTheLittleWood
  • Nilesy_
  • Rythian
  • Nanosounds


  • ItsHarry
  • ItsJerry
  • pwnagepotato      SubTypes:2.0    Spawns in Potato house     Drops Potatoes


  • TheCodyMaverick       Spawns in Lucky Boss Battle Arena      Drops Feathers
  • Joebuz        Spawns in Lucky Boss Battle Arena      Drops Feathers and chicken      Runs from Kralis1
  • LittleLizardG     Spawns with TinyTurtleG
  • TinyTurtleG      Spawns with LittleLizardG

Drunk Minecraft      The entirety of this group spawns together in Markiplr’s Drunk Minecraft House   and trades a variety of nauseating beverages

  • Markiplier        Tiny Box Tim Coming soon
  • LordMinion777
  • muyskerm


  • DanTDM      Spawns in Trayorus’ Lab
  • Dr Trayarous     Spawns in Trayorus’ Lab     trades Redstone equipment
  • xXJemmaMXx       Spawns in Default House near Trayorus’ Lab


  • ZexyZek
  • Bodil40        Drops TNT minecarts

Unsorted People 1

  • CraftyGarrett
  • CrookedReign
  • Dartron
  • deadlox
  • ghosteez

Unsorted People 2

  • GoldSolace    name changes to ButterSolace in the presence of SkythekidRS
  • Kkcomics    subtypes:Bunny
  • OkwardIndustries
  • PerpetualJordan
  • RealTBNRkenWorth

Unsorted People 3

  • Simonhds90
  • SubZeroExtabyte      Spawns in Ice Castle      Drops Ice and Packed Ice
  • TurtleDerp
  • ypperin
  • iBakki        Spawns in Snowy mountain

Unsorted People 4

  • captainsparkelz
  • syndicate
  • LDShadowLady
  • Superchache39
  • prestonplayz

Unsorted People 5

  • Thnxcya
  • aureylian
  • Zueljin
  • swimmingbird941
  • antvenom

Unsorted People 6

  • RealThinknoodles
  • Jericho
  • Omgitsfirefoxx
  • Ashleymariee
  • smallishbeans

Unsorted People 7

  • ihascupquake
  • stacyplays
  • TheZombiUnicorn
  • XRPMX13
  • Grapeapplesause

Unsorted People 8

  • SlyFoxHound
  • ElRichMC
  • PeteZahHutt
  • NoochM
  • YouAlwaysWin

Unsorted People 9

  • mlgHwnt
  • FearADubh
  • chimneyswift11
  • Vanoss
  • logdotzip

Unsorted People 10

  • TBNRkenWorth
  • CubeHamster
  • NiceMarkMC
  • MrWilliamo
  • graser10

Unsorted People 11

  • Biggs87x
  • Zailetsplay
  • WeedLion
  • CyaNideEPIC
  • Pythongb

Unsorted People 12

  • FollowKevn
  • daHbomb
  • XBayani
  • Strauberryjam
  • Lifesimmer

Unsorted People 13

  • seedeng
  • masterovv
  • omgitsalia

Story Tellers

  • ExplodingTNT       Spawns in TNT Castle      Drops TNT Primed if dies when on fire
  • Slamacow
  • CavemanFilms
  • BlueMonkeyYT

Non Minecrafters

  • JackSepticEye

Stampy and friends

  • stampylongnose     Spawns in Stampy’s house
  • ibalisticsquid         Spawns in SkyBlock
  • Sqaishey
  • Amylee33
  • LONGbowX99


  • Lachlan
  • Vikkstar123
  • tbnrfrags

TeamCrafted And thePack

  • ASFJerome
  • TheBajanCanadian


  • TheDexterManning
  • DanzNewz
  • ZeRoyalViking
  • Sp00nerism
  • TomAnex
  • ImmortalHD
  • Kootra
  • paragonnova
  • SSohPKC


  • alexby11
  • luzugames
  • bystaxx
  • willyrex
  • VegettaGaymer

FuriousDestroyer      Spawn in MobArena or Jen’s House and 1/10 in Tree of epic preportions with Fansion near by

SuperGirlyGamer      Spawns with FuriousDestroyer or on 1/3 chance of spawning in a hole nearby

Tobuscus           Spawns in Tobuscus Tower



  • Jmanmc
  • pbayrockstar
  • KingBear15
  • AunaQuin
  • RockedSolid
  • thorin102
  • SylerGames11
  • EliteEGN
  • Leemanardo
  • DxtoryMC
  • siblingpower
  • Uglydollsrock9

Mojang Crew

  • Notch
  • Dinnerbone
  • jeb_
  • Grumm

supercat765      Spawns in Maze      Subtypes:TDM,Derp


How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Youtubers+ Mod 1.10.4 for MC 1.10.2 Release 1.10.2 Dec 19, 2016
Youtubers+ Mod 1.8.0 for MC 1.8 Release 1.8 Oct 1, 2015
Youtubers+ mod 1.8.0 for MC 1.7.10 Release 1.7.10 Oct 1, 2015
Youtubers+ 1.6-mc1.7.2 Release 1.7.2 Oct 22, 2014 Release 1.6.4 May 20, 2016

Credits: supercat765

Credits :

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